Home of the 10 minute oil change!


  • (10/24/2017) Groupon:
    "Since 1947, Express Lube has specialized in automotive
    fluids on all models. This family-run auto shop provides
    speedy oil changes and complimentary washer fluid, air in
    tires, clean windshield and vacuum."

  • (06/03/2017) hank brown:
    "Have been using them for 20 years. Always quality work
    and visual explanation of the work needed."

  • (04/14/2016) Bobby D:
    "Jaguar wanted $250 to do a simple repair to my tailpipe,
    took it to these guys, the fixed it in 5 minutes and refused
    to charge mefor it. I will be back. Very good people Big
    Giant Muffler."

  • (10/03/2016) Christopher Beene:
    "Wonderful honest people they don't pressure you they
    visually show you what's wrong with your car they keep
    you Rolling, for that I will be back. Very good people at
    Big Giant Muffler."

  • (01/14/2014) Amy Wright:
    "I've had 2 people from work recommend this place for oil
    changes and to install a new muffler, so I gave them a try.
    Really nice guy!! Got my car right in, it sounds amazing...
    Great place, excellent price, I plan on using them for oil
    changes from now on."

  • (02/22/2013) Amanda T.:
    "Very friendly, very quick service"

  • (9/13/2009) David F.:
    "Excellent local service."

  • (8/17/2009) Christina C:
    "Very quick service got me in and out!
    The guy doing my oil change just didnt say I needed an air
    filter he nrought my old one so I could see it and know I
    really needed it."

  • (10/03/2017) Roddy Bod:
    "Very good service that I had"

  • (05/03/2017) Gary Shellman:
    "Quick service and solid quality on the welding I needed.
    good price and good value too. I will be recommending
    and complimentary washer fluid, air in tires, clean windshield and vacuum."

  • (04/25/2017) Eric Wright:
    "Best exhaust shop around. They do a great job in a timely
    fashion and at a good price. I take all my vehicles there"

  • (10/03/2016) Dale Holland:
    "These guys provided great service at a great price and
    when I had an issue that they weren't equipped to deal
    with their recommendation was top-notch as well. I'd
    certainly recommend them for routine service and
    exhaust work."

  • (02/13/2014) Daelyinh Tran:
    "The employee's here are so helpful and managed to get me
    in and out in a perfect timing. I'd recommend this place
    for any convenient and affordable oil changes."

  • (02/22/2013) dburke85:
    "I was recommended to them from an Uncle that always
    took his truck here and nowhere else. I had them put
    on Dynomax super turbo's on a 94 Impala and was satisfied
    with the work. I took it back 6 month's later to have
    them cut off the over the axle pipes and install turn
    downs because I wanted it louder. I took it back a third
    time to have them fabricate an H-pipe or crossover to
    mellow out the tone. Their price and work was reasonable."

  • (9/13/2008) Shamrock:
    "Great muffler shop, employees where polite and very
    helpful while the prices where as low as you will find."


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